Dress the world

Dress the world Elisabeth Lecourt, nascuta in Franta in 1972, traieste si munceste astazi in Londra. Educata la Central Saint…

one Paris

“There is but one Paris and however hard living may be here, and if it became worse and harder even…

The sun is all mine

Astazi am deschis cutia cu bijuterii. Fotografiile minunate ale lui Carol, povestea Gabrielei, statuia inegalabilei MM … si acum scurt metrajul lui Wong Kar Wai.

There is only one sun, but it travels the world every day. The sun is all mine and I won’t ever give away!

I have a friend who’s motto in life is: „Whatever you are, no matter wether it is a brain surgeon, an artist, a street sweeper, always just be the best you can possibly be”. Everyone has their own particular talent, but Paul Hunn has a … rude ability: to belch at 110 decibels. Action replays included.

Keith Loutit created two videos that make it look like we are all Gullivers viewing Lilliputians; they are enjoying a day at the beach and zooming about on their boats … their tiny tiny model boats! Have fun!

„Stand by me” it’s not just a song, it’s a part of a big project: Playing for Change, which it means connecting the world through music. „Stand by me” is performed by musicians around the world: USA, Netherlands, Mexico, France, Brazil, Russia, Venezuela, Congo, South Africa, Spain, Italy. It is directed by Mark Johnson who is also the producer; Mark is a Grammy Award Winning Producer. This song says no matter who you are, no matter where you go in your life at some point you go need somebody to stand by you.

Breathtaking overall and simply beautiful. Absolutely stunning, and a touching story as well, amazing effects. On the creative side, it feels great to watch a movie that also has a message to convey. Technicaly … everything looks great. Simply stunning. Quite sad towards the end, but bottom line I would love someone who could give the entire world. Don’t you Ladies? Happy International Woman’s Day!