Lectii de dans

Maimutareli si fotografii uimitoare capturate in timpul unui dans plin de gratie al catorva primate. Aceste maimute funky arata ca si cand ar fi libere ca pasarile cerului in poienita din padure unde si-au improvizat ringul lor de dans. Jucausele tinere primate au fost surprinse de fotografi in timp ce … se misca natural facand roata tiganului, ori dand din picioare sau sarind.

thumb: to be alone with you
index: hope for the hopeless
middle: breathe me
ring: to build a home
pinky: dancing in the dark

A man had to go to hospital to remove the ring from the penis. The ring that was „put it” when he was sleeping by his mistress after she found the wedding ring in his pocket pants.

I wonder what is worse? To let your mistress discover that you are married? To explain to your wife how the ring got on your penis? Or to find out that your penis is held in a ring …?

The dark disk of the moon creeps across the setting sun during the first solar eclipse of 2009, as seen on Monday from Manila Bay in the Philippines. People viewing from the southern Indian Ocean were among the few to see the full annular eclipse, so called because at its peak the eclipse is surrounded by an annulus, or ring, of fiery light.