Unele teorii teozofice spun ca, mai intai si mai intai, sufletele au fost androgine. Apoi, s-au indepartatat de Creator, si-au…

Quite quiet

I have no time for bad days. I don’t want to be evaluated, designed, not chosen anymore. I do not…

Shooting star

„Ok. Well, in order to conclude, as opposed to „brainstorming”, a method by which great ideas emerge, „heartstorming” is an…

„The forest makes your heart gentle. You become one with it… No place for greed or anger there.” — Pha Pachak

First of all must go
Your scent upon my pillow
And then I’ll say goodbye
To your whispers in my dreams
And then our lips will part
In my mind and in my heart
Cause your kiss
Went deeper than my skin

Love Hearts Sweet, a perfect replica of the classic sweet. Say „I Love You” with silver candy! Remember playing kiss chase in the playground? Remember stuffing your face with Love Heart sweets in your formative years? Brings back those warm a fuzzy feeling doesn’t it. Well now you can spread the love with our grown up version of the classic romantic candy! Neatly packaged in a simple box, the perfect token of affection. Designed by SUCK UK.