Shooting star

„Ok. Well, in order to conclude, as opposed to „brainstorming”, a method by which great ideas emerge, „heartstorming” is an instant process by which great feelings are compressed into poetry through a heart of gold. For instance:
~You can’t shoot a shooting star.~
As you can see, here poetry is only implied and maybe too compressed to be understood. There is when supplementary verses are called to complete:
~nu poți fotografia o stea călătoare
pentru că devine fixă, ca oricare.
după revelare.
la fel, nu te pot ține-n loc, nu te pot descrie.
ai putea fi văzută doar prin ecografie.
în inimie.
în mine, în mișcare, în ce a fost să fie.~
Finally, this kind of poem consisting in three lines ending in one short explanatory line is called „stai-ku”:
~Some stars are born to last
some others fall too fast
do not ask why
Let me be the catcher in the sky.~
And this was my final class in „Shallow Poetry”, I wish you a nice holiday and good luck with your brainstormings. Thank you and see you next near.” – Liviu Balint (sursa foto)