Roll On, Radio

Roll On, Radio

Azi, Radio Sonvest Oradea, radioul la care am început să-mi albesc nopțile, împlinește 22 de ani. Și trăiește doar prin amintirile celor care au fost acolo, la un moment dat. Și ale celor care nu uită că a fost cel mai ascultat post de radio din oraș, chiar și atunci când era singurul. În loc de o amintire – sunt câteva – îmi imaginez că am preluat legătura și transmit live pentru BBC Londra un text de aniversare, pe care l-am scris înainte, desigur, că doar la radio nu poți gândi spontan așa ceva:

As a radio lover since I was a kid and radio host years later, I have always had a reverence for the golden age of radio when everything was live and studios had orchestras and actors ready to give people what they really need: hope, information, music. As we multiply dimensions of our virtual world, we tend to neglect our own dimensions. I encountered people in 2D, one, or none. And they multiply themselves too.

Once I had to quit from a radio station whose managing team came with the clever idea that the radio can get better results and more income if they give up voices and go on with music only. The idea seemed so lacking in common sense that I deleted myself from that place and saved the information in a special file in my mind, ready to be recycled when insanity was cured.

Instead, access to information gave free way to exactly that kind of so called radio stations. Less talk, more jingles. Less music, more noise. More is less. Radio stations conceived in Simple Minds have lead 2 Unlimited bad taste in music and ideas. Last but not least, the internet gave full option platforms for everybody that wanted access to fake fame. More and more auto-programmed playlists have filled the internet, giving old radio a bad name. Listeners became figures in a traffic hunt. Money prevails.

As we increase our speed to reach targets we do not need, our soul is left behind. Souls in the rear-view mirror are smaller than they appear. And they fit in a pocket. And we still have space for some change. Or a change.

Pentru BBC Londra, a transmis de la Oradea, Liviu Balint. Sper că m-ați înțeles. (foto ©Liviu Balint)