The artist Anish Kapoor, inspired by the look of liquid mercury, created his public sculpture “Cloud Gate.” The sculpture is made of high polished stainless steel, and it’s mirror finish reflects the city’s skyline like a giant fun house mirror! This popular sculpture sits currently, as the center piece of AT&T Plaza in Milennium Park, in Chicago Illinois. Simply beautiful!

Very sweet kind of art, chocolate art. On those pictures you will see some very nice sculptures made with chocolate, also some objects too. I don’t know how long those sculptures can be untouched but it seems that it is very tasteful. You can see flowers, roses and few more chocolate objects, which really looks very nice. Take a look at those pictures; it maybe will give you an idea to like one of those and to give some person as a gift. And for some similar gifts you can also visit especially if you are from Canada. Enjoy!

to scare off sunbathers. One of them is the Antony Gormley’s sculpture of iron men in an England beach. This time we present the sperm whale, which is made of wood, aluminum and polyester displayed on Scheveningen Beach in The Netherlands this July.

One of the world’s most unique and deeply inspiring experiences for art and garden lovers of all ages is located in Australia in thevillage of Marysville.
Born in South America and lived there with his family till the age of fifteen, when the whole family decided to move to Europe in seek of new opportunities.

The beach is a good place for long romantic walks in this season. But if you’ll see these figures down to any European beaches don’t think they are aliens and panic