Motorcycle riders in Jakarta, Indonesia, suffer from eye irritation caused by pollution on the road, so when Visine wants to advertise its product, a clever ad agency „modded” a red light that has a 60 seconds countdown timer, to show how fast the eye drop works!

Red, the color of human blood, symbolizes passion, fire, love, and anger. In Eastern cultures, it connotes luck and prosperity. Red occurs throughout nature, from dying stars to dying leaves, and humans have evoked its powers for everything from politics to sports.

Color associations vary greatly from culture to culture, just as each language or dialect has unique colloquialisms that are often misunderstood or lost in translation. In many Western cultures the feelings of envy or jealousy are commonly associated with the color green. However, in German the feeling is most closely related to the color yellow, as the phrase „gelb vor neid,” or „yellow with envy” suggests.

Prior to the 2000 presidential election, there was no universally recognized color scheme to represent political parties in the US. Color-based schemes became widespread with the adoption of color television in the 1960s and nearly ubiquitous with the advent of color in newspapers. A three color scheme – red, white and blue, the colors of the U.S. flag – makes sense, and the third color, white, is useful in depicting maps showing states that are „undecided” in the polls and in election-night television coverage.