Chase down your passion like it’s the last bus of the night sau mai pe limba noastra, urmareste-ti pasiunea ca si cand ar fi ultimul autobuz de noapte, spune Terri Guillements, antologist de citate.

Dies slowly he who transforms himself in slave of habit, repeating every day the same itineraries, who does not change brand, does not risk wearing a new color and doesn’t talk to whom doesn’t know.
Dies slowly he who makes of television his guru.

He is professor of architecture at UC Berkeley and shows a technique of using kites. But his passion is to capture stunning aerial photos. For more pictures go to Chris Benton’s page. If you ask Cris Benton to go fly a kite, he will return with breathtaking photographs taken from impossible vantage points. Now a professor of architecture at UC Berkeley, Chris is a leader in the aerial kite photography community, constantly developing new ways to rig remotely controlled cameras to customized kites for stunning results.

Red, the color of human blood, symbolizes passion, fire, love, and anger. In Eastern cultures, it connotes luck and prosperity. Red occurs throughout nature, from dying stars to dying leaves, and humans have evoked its powers for everything from politics to sports.

Passion, energy, dance, music… it’s flamenco that shapes and forms Gatlif’s ‘Vengo’ (2001).