Keith Loutit created two videos that make it look like we are all Gullivers viewing Lilliputians; they are enjoying a day at the beach and zooming about on their boats … their tiny tiny model boats! Have fun!

– Starting with April and through July, this year, Tel Aviv is celebrating its centennial. – Street fairs and nights of music and dancing along the beach.
– Bars only close when the last customer is satisfied.
– The industrial part of town is the one where music is pulsing and emerges from clubs tucked between garages and car showrooms all night long.
– The city used to be famous for the incidence of bar-bathroom hookups, and although club owners have cracked down on people getting busy in the stalls, there’s still a pickup scene that would be the envy of any American city.

The beach is a good place for long romantic walks in this season. But if you’ll see these figures down to any European beaches don’t think they are aliens and panic