Sunrise: Golden begining. The water really looks amazing, and the shots of the water are amazing. Good choice of music.

Samsung, the masters of getting free ad space by producing killer videos, came with another master-piece: This one is complete BS, but the finished product made me laugh out loud all by myself! Hills of Wales, LEDs, some sheeps and few dogs and a camera to create a huge amazing LED display.

Robbie Maddison achieving the impossible: jumping his motorcycle over 120 feet to the top of the Arc de Triomphe and then jumped back down at the Paris Las Vegas.

Breathtaking overall and simply beautiful. Absolutely stunning, and a touching story as well, amazing effects. On the creative side, it feels great to watch a movie that also has a message to convey. Technicaly … everything looks great. Simply stunning. Quite sad towards the end, but bottom line I would love someone who could give the entire world. Don’t you Ladies? Happy International Woman’s Day!