Tu in ce crezi?

creziDoi fetusi vorbesc:
– Spune-mi, tu crezi in viata de dupa nastere?
– Bineinteles. Dupa nastere vine viata. Poate ca noi suntem aici ca sa ne pregatim pentru ceea ce urmeaza dupa nastere.
– Las-o balta! Dupa nastere nu este nimic! De acolo nu s-a intors nimeni! Si, pe deasupra, cum ar putea sa fie?
– Nu stiu exact, dar simt ca acolo sunt lumini peste tot … Poate umblam pe propriile noastre picioare si mancam cu gura noastra.
– Asta-i o mare prostie! Umblatul este imposibil! Si cum am putea manca cu gura asta amarata? Nu vezi cordonul ombilical? Si gandeste-te si tu o clipa la asta: viata postnatala e imposibila fiindca cordonul e prea scurt.
– Da, dar ma gandesc ca este precis ceva acolo, doar ca e altfel decat ceea ceea ce numim noi viata.
– Esti prost. Nasterea este sfarsitul vietii si asta este …
– Uite, nu stiu exact ce se va intampla, dar Mama ne va ajuta…
– Mama? Tu crezi in Mama ? !
– Da.
-Nu fi ridicol! Ai vazut-o pe Mama pe undeva? A vazut-o macar cineva vreodata?
– Nu, dar ea e peste tot in jurul nostru. Noi traim inauntrul ei. Si, cu siguranta, datorita ei, noi existam.
– Bine, acum lasa-ma in pace cu idiotenia asta, bine? O sa cred in Mama cand o sa o vad.
– Nu o poti vedea, dar daca esti linistit, poti sa auzi cantecul ei, poti sa simti dragostea ei. Daca esti linistit poti simti grija ei si vei simti mainile ei protectoare.

(publicat in maghiara de Útmutató a Léleknek si tradus in engleza de Miranda Linda Weisz. / photo: thecutebabywallpaper)

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  1. Jokes deserve jokes! 😀

    Religious people might be on to something, rejecting the theory of evolution.
    If evolution worked properly, there wouldn’t be any religious people.

    According to BBC News, religion will be extinct in the UK within a generation due to changes in society.
    I suppose changes in society and the fact that there is no God.

    You’ll never see a church with free Wi-Fi.
    I guess it’s because they don’t want to compete with an invisible power that actually works.

    Atheism: The belief that we have a long way to go before we even begin to understand the infinite complexities of the universe.
    Religion: „The big magic sky-man made it all, now give me some money.”

    17,000 atheists in the Middle East rioted this week after a blank sheet of paper was found on a cartoonist’s desk.

    I’m having some problems with my new Staffordshire Bull Terrier – I rang the vet for some advice.
    I explained he was brown, stupid, aggressive and liable to attack anyone for no good reason.
    The vet replied, „Muzzle ‘im?”
    „No,” I said, „I think he’s an orthodox.”

    Religion is like the male nipple: it has survived years of human evolution despite having no useful purpose.

    A Christian updated his Facebook status as, „When God says yes, you can’t say no!”
    I commented, „Sounds like rape to me.”

    A priest walks down the street, and sees a boy with some newborn kittens.
    ‘What type of kittens are they?’ he queries.
    ‘ They’re Catholic kittens’, the boy replies.
    The priest smiles and walks away. A couple of weeks later, he sees the little boy again and asks, ‘How are those Catholic kittens doing?’
    ‘Oh, they aren’t Catholic kittens any more’, he replies sweetly.
    Shocked, the priest exclaims, ‘What?! Why not?’
    ‘ Well’, the boy says, ‘they’ve opened their eyes, so now they’re atheists.’