Recital. Serbare. Concert

Recital. Serbare. Concert. Ce au in comun toate cele trei cuvinte? Cu totii am experimentat in mod cert asta in timpul unui concert ori recital: oameni facand fotografii cu telefoanele mobile tot timpul de-a lungul manifestarii in loc sa savureze spectacolul. In aceasta reclama Nokia si Windows Phone iau in ras acest fenomen.

ATENTIE: Maine, la concertul lui Roger Waters lasati acasa orice dispozitiv care poate filma. Muzicianul englez a cerut in toate interventiile sale ca la concertele „The Wall” sa nu fie permise astfel de dispozitive. Nu stiu de ce media nu insista pe acest mesaj dar poate il faceti public macar astazi din respect pentru Roger Waters si daca va pasa de bunurile personale:

„I am struck by the number of cell phones held aloft to film bits of the show and also by the amount of flash photography and the number of people texting and twittering.
For my part I would never turn on a cell phone at any musical event, whether it’s at The Met, The Garden or anywhere else. It would seem to me to show a lack of respect to and care for fellow concert goers or for that matter for the artist. Apart from anything else, how could I possibly truly experience the thing I’d paid to see and hear, if I was fiddling with an iPhone, filming or twittering or chatting or whatever?

Anyway, this is a question not a general admonition, I am genuinely interested to know what you think.