Darling, how we miss you

S-a nascut Faroukh Bulsara in Zanzibar pe 5 Septembrie 1946 si a murit Freddie Mercury intr-o casa de sase milioane de dolari in Londra. Pe 24 Noiembrie 1991 anuntul a sunat sec: „Freddie Mercury died peacefully this evening at his home at 1 Logan Place, Kensington, London. His death was the result of pneumonia brought on by AIDS.”

Freddie a fost primul mare rock star ce a murit din cauza acestei boli. Nu a spus absolut nimic despre afectiunea sa decat cu 24 de ore inainte de moarte, declarand: „Asa am considerat corect sa pastrez acesta informatie, privata, pentru a le proteja intimitatea celor din jurul meu.” De-a lungul ultimelor cateva luni de viata Freddie a fost ingrijit de cativa foarte apropiati prieteni: Jim Hutton, Joe Fanelli si Peter Freestone. Fosta iubita a lui Freddie, Mary Austen, cu care a ramas apropiat, i-a fost si ea aproape. De fapt Mary a fost cea careia i-a lasat casa din Logan Place in care ea traieste si astazi.


Inutil sa spun ca ii iubesc muzica, articolul asta sta marturie. Am fost si raman un fan. Si ca un fan ce se respecta, am sa-i trimit acum, dupa atatia ani, o scrisoare din care voi spicui fragmente:

Darling, how we miss you. We haven’t forgotten the best queen yet! Look at us ridiculous fans, it’s amazing! Even now after all this years almost anyone, no matter the age, can name some of your songs. You really are a legend.

I’ve loved and I will always love your breathtaking music, personality, memories, stories, your general character. Please, don’t take this as a bad thing, I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve smiled as well. At a new picture. At a picture I hadn’t seen in a while. Adoring you from an old interview. Quotes. Anything. They’re so cherished by me and so many other people, fans of yours or not.


The name Freddie Mercury is always synonymous with legend, showmanship, one of a kind personalities, and amazing songs that will stay in our hearts forever. I hope you are having the best time wherever you are. Is it raining in heaven?

I love the way you adored life. A trait I’d love, but am perfectly content seeing and reading things from your crazy parties! I always find every part of you perfect, and always will. The way you called everyone darling. The way you’d overspend, always. The way you’d cover your teeth when you smiled. Your costumes. Your accent. Your makeup. Your total vibe oozed drama and originality. I’d love to try to explain how much you mean to me, like I’ve been attempting with this letter, but honestly, I can’t put it all in words. You’re a part of my life.


Just yesterday while going home after a crappy day “Somebody To Love” came on the radio, and I automatically began grinning and mouthing the words. I’m proud to say you’re one of my favorite band. Though often overlooked, you made it so far. Third best selling band in the world. Amazing. You always said you wanted to be as big as Hendrix. But look, you’re bigger. Freddie Mercury. Legend. What you left for generations is perfect. Insight. Beautiful music. Something to pour heart and soul into. To get excited over, inspired over. What you so generously gave the world is simply perfection. We all miss you so much, and I hope you’re having a good time, Mr. Fahrenheit. My Great Pretender. My rock-opera singer. Bicycle fan. Fat Bottomed Girl lover. My Liar. My Mr. Bad Guy. My Killer King. My bad boy. My Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy. My Somebody To Love. My Fairy King. My prince of the universe. My miracle. My cat lover. My lover of life. My singer of songs. My heart, my soul. My baby. My Freddie. One day we will celebrate your birthday together, with all the people who have, still do, and will love you.