Clear view ahead & invisible faucet

The Ebb series of “bathroom furniture” signed UStogether looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Clear fronts to the sink basins and even the bathtub surprise at first, then seem almost natural in a starshippy sort of way.

Fatih Can Saröz (turkish designer) thinks that “The dinners are one of the most special times for all families,” and starting from here Saröz created the Kure six-person dining set as an expression of his philosophy. Certainly eating at the Kure table would make for a very special time indeed.

Sonic Chair: it takes the look of Space Odyssey and adds a surround soundtrack suitable to the post-2001 world. Comes in 35 different colors and allows users to connect an iPod , a notebook computer, or to enjoy the favorite music in a self-contained setting.

And for the end a small bonus: