A toilet that checks your health

To everybody but especially for you hypochondriacs! Here it is a good news from Japan! The Japanese researchers announced us that soon we can forget the visits to the doctor for health check-ups. And this not because we’ve decided that we don’t need a doctor anymore but because a simply pee into the „intelligent toilet”.

The engineers from Toto developed a receptacle which being inside the loo collect all the information about temperature, the sugar content; during this time an armband monitor the blood pressure. The results are displayed on a computer monitor wall-mounted.

This is the first generation, and for now, the data are automatically sent to your personal computer, and that you can email them to your personal doctor. But the model of the next generation will send all the data to all your family members and your doctor via the Internet. The electronic loo, named „the intellligent toilet” can collect information from 5 different persons and is going to cost between 4100 and 5850 us dollars, the selling price in Japan.