Creative clocks

I have here for you, a collection of few interesting, creative and unusual clocks.
Tubular Time Clock: Time is displayed on the Tubular Time Clock in phrases such as “quarter past four” and “five minutes past six” instead of numbers.

Pop Quiz Math Clock: Each hour is marked by a simple math problem. Solve it and solve the riddle of time.

Carpet Alarm Clock: In order to turn the alarm off, you have to get up and step on it.

Directors Edition Digital Alarm Clock: And Cut! For all you aspiring directors, movie freaks, and people just interested in funky looking clocks, Chinavasion presents this director’s clapper-board shaped alarm clock. Looking and acting exactly like a director digital slate, this cool looking desktop accessory displays the date, and the time all the way down to deci-seconds.

Tubes Clock: The Tubes Clock is a beautiful novelty clock that is a masterpiece of engineering, six tubes on a crafted wooden base, shows the time in red LED, simply stunning.