A very polite way of being impolite

There are people who love to send postcards. Some of them love to tell the truth. Sadly, most postcards you can find out there tend to have a very nice and polite message that is not always the reflection of what we think or feel about a situation.

Few days ago, having an interesting discussion about what it means „mean”, „evil”, „wrong” or just „cynical” and trying to explain the differences between them, I run across a website with very nice designed postcards that can be seen as cynical, wrong or maybe totally evil. And if you have some twisted sense of humor, they are a blast.

There are postcards for any occasion. You can send them to friends and foes, and are meant only for people with a good sense of humor. Incorrect use of any of them could lead you to trouble!

It is not the best, but it is a good example of how „wrong” could be „right”. If one of my friends would send me this one while I am traveling, I wouldn’t find it wrong but terrible right!

Being myself a type that tends to give answers “tongue in cheek” I have experienced first hand how different we may appreciate irony or cynicism. Some people hate irony. Part of them because they don’t get it, part because they want to avoid offense at any cost, even if to do so, they have to lie. On my side, I’ve been compared to Dr. House, and I take that as a compliment; is related to the fact that I tend to prioritize truth over almost anything (of course, there are exceptions) and I hardly take offense if you are just telling me things as they are.