Water is life

A quite unusual urban art installation called the „Blue Road” is an example of what mind-blowing urban public art can be. It’s a memorial to nature, but it’s also just plain awe-inspiring. There’s even a few cool tidbits along the road, like a sinking car. The sight is quite beautiful and inspiring to drive along!

If KFC has an advertising visible from space, I suppose this seems just as reasonable. In an attempt to create an outdoor art installation visible on Google Earth, Henk Hofstra the Dutch artist used 4.000 litres of bright blue paint that cost 75,000 Euros, to cover a 1.000 m stretch of road in Dratchen, Holland. Half of the cost was covered by municipal funds. Though you can clearly read “Water is Life” written in eight-metre-high letters across the stretch of road from a helicopter, the Blue Road is created in memorium of an actual river that once flowed trough it’s location. But it hasn’t appeared on Google Earth… yet.