short history of music played by violectras

Stringfever are not a string quartet – or at least, not as you know one. With their striking electric instruments Giles, Ralph, Neal & Graham Broadbent (yes they really are from the same family) will provide you with a rollercoaster ride of musical entertainment combining unrelenting energy, humour and audience interaction with great musical skills.

Their show includes highly original numbers as ‘the history of music in 5 minutes’ a high-paced romp through time from Mozart to Metallica. They also provide an amazing display of musical gymnastics in their very own version of Ravel’s Bolero – with the whole group playing on one cello at the same time.

Big brother. Leader of the pack. Former West End konzertmeister. Royal Academy of Music, gypsy violin demon, you name it, he’ll play it – the faster the better. Favourite sports: skiing, cordless bungee jumping. Plays a bright blue 5 string violectra.

Middle brother. Trusty Lieutenant. Royal Academy of Music. The Orchestrator. You hum it, he’ll arrange it. Football mad. Plays a sunburst yellow and green 6 string violectra.

Cousin. Gentle giant. ‘Mr. Rhythm’. Royal College of Music.DIY expert; you name it he’ll build it (violas included). General taxi driver, knows the A-Z like the back of his hands, hobbies include general knowledge & eating!(a lot). Plays a navy blue 5 string violectra.

Little brother. Yo Yo Ma meets My ma’s Yo Yo … I mean Marcus Miller. Male model, international playboy & general ‘Funky Gibbon’, learnt to walk in ’86 . You name it, his brothers will tell him to do it. Plays a red 5 string violectra.

„Stringfever produced an outstanding performance combining obvious musical accomplishment and clever audience awareness with quick repartee. We had designed the evening around the build up to the ‘big band’ but in all conversations afterwards it became clear that it was in fact Stringfever that had made the biggest impression on the guests and most importantly on my client „

Stringfever with a brief history of music, from Bach through Beethoven to Beatles.

Stringfever with the Ravel’s bolero

austin power … mission impossible … and many others