„Most people don’t think they create their emotions. They think they just have them. Like snowflakes or raindrops, they fall out of the sky. People often say that they were just overcome by emotion. In fact, emotions are chosen. The mind decides to feel a certain way. Emotions are an Act of Will”. – Donald Walsch

Asa ca m-am jucat un pic si am creat emotii …

Steve is now there where the first Apple was made … RIP Steve Jobs

I don’t have Mac. I don’t have an iPhone. I’ve never bought from iTunes! When I read that Steve is gone I’ve got tears! Steve Jobs was the artisan of a complete eco-system from the sand used in micro-chips to the store’s design! Including hardware, software and lots of emotion! He revolutionized the world! He saved related industries (see the music industry, hit by the mp3 wave)! He changed the world! He completely changed us! He brought joy in our lives. He brought us much more than we probably gave for a gadget got out of his hands! GOD take him in heaven and reward him properly!