Mărțișor (Romanian pronunciation: [mərt͡siˈʃor] ( listen)) is a Romanian celebration at the beginning of spring, on March the 1st[1] in Romania, Moldova, and all territories inhabited by Romanians.

Mărțișor, marț and mărțiguș are all names for the red and white string from which a small decoration is tied, and which is offered by people on the 1st day of March.

It is believed that the one who wears the red and white string will be strong and healthy for the year to come. It is also a symbol of the coming spring.

Ii multumesc Inei Biltac pentru explicatia in limba engleza a obiceiului martisorului. Pentru voi, cititori de limba romana, nu cred ca mai e nevoie de alte informatii despre Martisor, dar simt ca ar fi util sa va anunt ca pe 1 Martie este baba mea. Imbracati-va gros! O sa fie foooooarte frig 😀 (sursa foto)